horse steals a bride's spotlight

On what is supposed to be a special day, one horse steals a bride’s spotlight, and thankfully, the whole thing was caught on camera! Patti Womer wanted to include her horses on her big day, but she probably didn’t expect for one of them to completely steal the show while taking pictures.

Brides are often concerned about being upstaged by their bridesmaids. Womer didn’t have to worry about that as she was upstaged by her own horse!

The Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania bride wanted to have her horses, Dutch and Cricket, in her wedding pictures in memory of her late father. She and her dad got the two horses when she was just eight years old. She felt that including them was a way to pay tribute to her dad.

During the photo session, Cricket sports a hilarious toothy smile as she cocks her head sideways. The result is a hilarious picture that the bride adores because of the special memories she had with her dad and these horses.

horse steals a bride's spotlight

“My dad passed away in May of 2016 and I wanted to incorporate him in some way, and they were the first horses we bought together when I was 8,” said Womer. “I thought [the photo] was hilarious.”

Photographer Tony Bendele shared the picture of the bride and her photobombing horse on Facebook. It was well-received and shared many times. Womer was happy to share the spotlight with her beloved horses during her September nuptials, even with Cricket grabbing all the attention. She plans on hanging the picture in her home.

There is always a risk when you involve animals in your wedding photos. While things could go spectacularly wrong, the results can also be rather comical. Check out the picture of another horse sporting a smile that made the bride and groom laugh.

horse steals a bride's spotlight

A little girl who wanted to get a picture with a Clydesdale also got a special picture when the massive horse cocked its head and smiled for the camera. You can see that adorable photo by clicking here!

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