hidden room in attic

In an amazing video, a worker was sent to do renovations on a home and discovered a secret room in the attic by accident. The worker realized that this was no ordinary room, so he made sure to document the entire discovery on video.

The worker claimed that the owner of the home was told by local authorities to stop making changes to the house until it was properly inspected, which is why he was hired.

I have heard of individuals using their attic as a man cave, but this secret room was found in the attic. It was like a hideaway from a hideaway.

The room had everything. Outlets, cable feed, light fixtures, and even a hidden bathroom. I am guessing that whoever lived in this secret room did not want to be found by someone.

Upon further inspection, I found a piece of wall that didn’t look the same as the rest. I pushed on the wall revealing a secret room. Leading to the secret room was a carpeted walkway. When the secret rooms door was closed it didn’t even look like it was there. Upon entering the room I noticed stained wood walls carpeted floors electrical cable and a light switch. There was even a door that had a makeshift bathroom that popped out which led to a pipe that drains through the soffit.

There were a few personal items scattered about the floor and two license plates screwed to the wall above the door. There was a very grim of feeling about the place. After having the video up for a day, people were fascinated by it and started sharing it and a man came to me with information about the room and who lived there.

He told me of a boy named R.J. Moore and his mother Dee Dee Moore, better known as the lottery killer. Later, someone sent me more screenshots of the plates that were hung in the secret room confirming they belonged to Dee Dee Moore. I’m not sure what the secret room was used for, but if I had to guess I would guess it was from hiding out from the police.”

Check out this amazing discovery in the video below:

I don’t know what this room was used for, but you can bet it wasn’t legal. I think this room was being used to hide someone away from law enforcement. It doesn’t make sense to build a room inside an attic, but with all the work that was done, someone knew what they were doing.

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Source: YouTube