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900 year old sword
October 19, 2021
A man scuba diving off the cost of Israel discovered an 900 year old ancient sword that “experts” say is from the Crusades.
William Shatner shark week Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek
‘Star Trek’ icon William Shatner faced his worst fear at 90 with a daring Shark Week appearance in “Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek”.
Mike Rowe Discovery+ show Six Degree American history is what connects us
December 17, 2020
Former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is launching a history-based show on Discovery+ which aims to prove “we’re more connected than we think.”
OJ Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson abuse secret diary murder documentary
September 29, 2020
Personal diaries kept by Nicole Brown Simpson, ruled inadmissible at OJ’s murder trial, are now being made public in a new documentary.
hidden room in attic
November 16, 2017
A homeowner discovers a hidden room in attic suited for living equipped with carpeting, cable, electricity, and a full-sized bathroom
dinosaur found Colorado
August 31, 2017
Construction workers in Colorado discovered the fossils of a 66-million-year-old dinosaur buried underneath the ground where they