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New mother Audrey Roloff regularly posts updates of her daughter Ember on social media. But, the Little People, Big World star has quickly become the target of online mommy shamers.

Women can be so critical of each other, particularly online. Being behind a keyboard can give some people a sense of self-righteous superiority. This was on display with a recent post of Audrey’s discussing Ember’s two-month checkup.

Along with the picture below, Audrey wrote “Ember’s two month check up! Getting so tall and so strong.” This is an incredibly benign post celebrating her daughter’s health, but some people took the opportunity to lecture the new mom on vaccinations and what she wore to the appointment.

A woman named Cheryl Romo asked Audrey, “Why would you wear those jeans to a doctor’s appointment?” When others asked Romo what she was talking about, she replied “Ripped & torn up. What a mess to go to the doctor’s office!”

It was pointed out to the naysayer that these jeans are in style, but she wasn’t having it. “Perhaps next time she will put more thought and care into her appearance before going to the doctor’s office,” Romo quipped back.

Apparently, Romo has a history of slamming the Roloffs online. The reality is that some people are so miserable in their personal lives that they feel justified ripping someone else down, even a new mother.

Audrey also shared a picture of Ember for her two-month milestone. The beautiful baby is laying on a sheet with a clock pattern that designates that she is two months old. While the comments were overwhelmingly positive, there were plenty of naysayers who felt the need to lecture the new mom on needing to iron the sheet! How many new moms iron sheets? Apparently, these people feel everything must be aesthetically perfect!

Our Ember girl is 2 MONTHS OLD today and she’s already growing into her name. The dictionary defines EMBER as “a small live piece of coal wood etc in a dying fire. The remains of a fire. A glowing fragment from fire. ? • Embers are GLOWING – they can light up an entire room, forest or field. ? Embers are ENDURING – they are the fiercest remains of a fire and radiate a substantial amount of heat long after the fire has been extinguished. ? Embers offer REVIVAL – when a fire is dying the embers can bring it back to life! ? Embers are WELCOMING – they are inviting. They draw people in by their warmth and light. ? Embers FLY – when they have been burning hot enough, they know when to spark and fly. ? Embers are CONSTANT & LOYAL – they radiate a more constant form of heat as opposed to the fire which is constantly changing along with the heat it radiates. ? Embers are FORERUNNERS – in forest fires they can blow on ahead of the fire and start fires kilometers away (l loved this one being that she’s our first child) ? • We want our little Ember to be a light in the darkness, glowing in all she does, enduring and lasting – hard to stop, ALWAYS believing in the MORE that is within her – and when stoked/kindled by her Creator – able to burn and glow even MORE than she could on her own. Our prayer is that she would be MORE on fire for God as He continues to fan her into flame. Always more. #emberjean #alwaymore

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