Judge Judy

Judge Judy isn’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings in her courtroom. She’s on a quest for justice and sometimes that means bruising some egos. That means someone is leaving the courtroom embarrassed with their head hanging low. A young blonde learned this the hard way. She must be used to getting her way based on her looks. That doesn’t fly with Judge Judy. She doesn’t give out free passes to anyone.

Defendant Talks in Circles

Here’s what went down. The defendant pushed the plaintiff into a pool ruining the plaintiff’s iPhone. The defendant asserts that isn’t her fault despite admitting she knew the plaintiff was holding the iPhone in her. According to the defendant, she should not be forced to pay for the damage since she couldn’t physically see the phone in her hand. Yet she knew the plaintiff had her iPhone? Judge Judy has no patience for stupidity or excuses. Unfortunately for this plaintiff, it seems her parents didn’t teach her about accountability when she was a child.

Common sense dictates that an iPhone can’t go swimming. We’re taught from the time we’re children not to get electronics near water. This blonde seems to think that just by smiling she’ll get her way. Not in Judge Judy’s courtroom.┬áCheck out her comeuppance in the video below. The defendant might as well have walked out of there wearing a DUNCE cap!

If you push someone in the pool and they are injured or their property is destroyed, you’re responsible for any damages incurred. That is not rocket science. It’s being accountable for your actions. This is something most of us learned before kindergarten. There are often consequences to horseplay. Hopefully, this helped her learn a valuable lesson! Coughing up hundreds of dollars for a new iPhone should hammer that home!

Judge Judy’s Tough Justice

If you’re a fan of Judge Judy’s no-nonsense style, we have just the video for you. Click here to watch her deliver some tough justice to young men who urinated on an American flag. She wasn’t about to let them get away with it! You have to see this verbal beating from Judge Judy.

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