great dane argues with teenager

If there is one thing we’ve seen on a regular basis is how dogs can learn so much from their owners. Our four-legged friends will even mimic us which makes for great video.

How many times have you seen animals have tantrums because they don’t want to do something or they want to be treated a certain way? I’ve also watched animals show me how great their memories are when they are in the car with me and recognize that we are going to a certain park that they have visited many times before.

In the video below, a Great Dane has a serious attitude problem from the time the video begins recording. The teenager in the video is not about to open the door to allow Zoe to go outside and that causes a tense exchange, with a surprise ending!

From Rumble Video:

Listen to Zoe the Great Dane have a full on debate with this teenage girl concerning playtime. The girl is waiting for a friend to pick her up, but Zoe just wants to play!

Not to worry, these two get along great and are the best of friends, but Zoe won’t stand being far away from her human sister, so just until her friend comes along, Zoe think it is a time wasted if they do not play!

Zoe might growl and the girl might be chasing her away every time, but “those who fight the most, love each other the most”.

Credit: Kjones48180

After watching this video, I figured the owner would cave and give Zoe what she wanted, but that shows you how much I know. For a few seconds, I was worried about the safety of the teen because the Great Dane is huge. Either way, this is a great video and should be classified as a very sweet viral video.

Do you think the teen should have given in to Zoe’s demands? Do you think the Great Dane gave a compelling argument? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this story to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

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