Dog rescues owner

Anyone that doesn’t think that dogs love their owners will be proven wrong after watching the amazing video below.

The owner of these two beautiful dogs looked as if he was going for a swim in the lake. He held the rope and swung out into the middle of the lake and then he dropped with a huge thud right into the water.

The dogs saw and heard their buddy hit that water so hard and they thought he was in danger. The black dog, whose name is Buster, couldn’t contain himself. He began to yelp, cry out, and measure how he was going to race to save his friend, who he thought was hurt.

Source: Newsflare

The footage, captured in Randolph County, NC, shows the animals barking loudly before jumping into the lake as if they are trying to save their owner. ”I decided to try the rope swing to swing out into the lake. This seemed to almost scare my dogs to death, especially poor Buster,” the filmer later wrote online.

”They both swam out to rescue me and Buster cried the whole time,” he added.

We can’t even begin to imagine what was going on inside Buster’s black little head. Our pets imprint on us and they love us unconditionally, so when they see us “vanish” they immediately think that they will never see us again and, naturally, they panic!

Credit: Newsflare

After watching this video, there’s no doubt in my mind that dogs are truly our best friend. If you didn’t have a dog before seeing this video, I guarantee you will want one now!

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