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Pamela Dee Gaudry was on a Delta flight that was carrying the body of 29-year-old Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, a fallen soldier. The Georgia woman is the widow of a Navy veteran and wanted to sing the National Anthem as the crew unloaded Wright’s casket from the plane at the airport in Atlanta.

Gaudry, who is a physician, asked other passengers to join her in singing the National Anthem. “I thought it would be so amazing if we sang as they were getting off,” Gaudry said in a Facebook video. “It’s a great honor to the boy’s parents, wife and perhaps children.” She reports that most of the passengers wanted to join her in this effort to salute this fallen hero.

Her plans were turned upside down when the Chief Flight Attendant informed her that it was against company policy to sing the National Anthem. Delta was also concerned that some passengers were from other countries and might be offended at the patriotic display. An announcement was also made for everyone to stay in their seats and stay quiet as Wright’s casket was unloaded from the plane.

Rather than singing the National Anthem, the passengers sat in silence out of fear of getting in some sort of trouble by Delta employees. This is the United States of America and a corporate employee shamed these people from singing the National Anthem for a soldier who was killed in Niger defending our country!

Gaudry made a video after getting off the plane. She said she was ashamed of herself for following the flight attendant’s orders. Nobody should be afraid to sing the National Anthem on American soil.

Her video, which is packed with emotion, has gone viral. You can view it below.

What a horrific thing for Delta to do to the family of our hero and to their passengers. These people pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fly and they are bullied into silence. This man gave his life for our country and the passengers were told singing the National Anthem for him and his family would be offensive!

Delta is doing damage control. It claims singing the National Anthem is not against company policy. The airline reached out to Dr. Gaudry. After receiving a call she said, “Evidently, they had a flight attendant that made some bad decisions in trying to make this situation go away. They are going to do some training for the future,” she said. “Delta was very reverent and let the honor guards do a wonderful thing to honor each and every soldier that comes home with this beautiful tribute. For just this reason, I personally do not believe in a boycott of Delta.”

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Source: Fox News

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