Delta overbooked

Everybody thought it was awful when United Airlines forcibly dragged a man off a flight¬†after they overbooked the plane. In response, Delta pretty much said, “Hold my beer, and watch this.”

Brian Shear and his family were flying from California to Hawaii. The family’s 18-year-old son took an earlier flight so they still had a full seat paid for. They used it for one of their toddlers and, before you know it, they were told to give it up or get off the flight.


Not only were the Shears told they would go to jail, they were told they’d have¬†their kids taken away from them!

That’s outrageous! Delta said the company is reaching out to the family to see how they can resolve the issue. The airline better do that because they could be facing a huge lawsuit.

It may be time for Delta, and all airlines, to reconsider their overbooking policies.

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Source: Daily Mail

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