Alaskan Bush People Season 8

Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown continues the fight for life against advanced lung cancer. She was released from the hospital following her first round of chemotherapy, but new reports state that her health is not improving. The mother of seven has a three percent chance of surviving, so prayers are certainly needed.

Filming for Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People is still on hold, but ABP Exposed reports it will be happening at some point. Previously, Ami stated that she wanted to continue filming so others facing cancer wouldn’t feel alone while watching how the Brown family is dealing with Ami’s fight. But, Ami’s health decline may be getting in the way of production of the next season. After all, even if the Browns are all on board, it is up to the discretion of the producers and TV executives.

There is some positive news from the Browns. Noah is apparently engaged to Rhain Alisha. She has moved in with him rather than returning to Oregon. Noah is grateful to have her in his life, particularly as his family faces the uncertainty of his mother’s health. He made the engagement announcement on his Facebook page much to the delight of Alaskan Bush People fans. This is certainly something to celebrate!

There were previously rumors that Noah and Rhain had already gotten married, but apparently, those whispers were premature. The Browns certainly could use the excitement that comes with an upcoming wedding.

This engagement shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise to Alaskan Bush People fans. Noah recently told the family that he wanted to follow his own path outside of Colorado where the Browns are looking to settle. Noah believes perhaps he wants to become a sheriff. Now that he is engaged, his life will be changing dramatically.

As Billy said, even if they go their separate ways, they are still a family. This is the reality that every family faces as their children become adults. The Browns sure are experiencing a lot of changes now.

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