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It is being reported that Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown has been released from the hospital. Alaskan Bush People Exposed has stated that chemotherapy has taken its toll on her, but she was able to be discharged. Filming is still delayed as Ami is very weak.

The family remains in California, with the exception of Noah who is perhaps in Idaho. Ami’s aggressive lung cancer has forced the family to completely change their lifestyle. They left Alaska in hopes of settling in Colorado, but are remaining on the West Coast so Ami has access to her doctors.

This is taking a toll on the family. Rain continues to post on Instagram. Her recent posts have been focusing on the need to remain strong. She continues trying to put a smile on her pain, but sometimes you just can’t hide it.

The Browns have gone through a massive transition in the past few months. Imagine the culture shock they are experiencing as they attempt to shift towards living in an urban location. A video of them driving through Las Vegas gives us a window into that new reality. Not only did they have to deal with the heat, but they were stunned by everything else Sin City has to offer. That video clip is below.

Hopefully, Ami is strong enough for the family to venture out on trips again. The family hasn’t given a direct update to fans on her condition in a while, but they do appreciate prayers.

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