MASSIVE Credit Card Hack At Popular Restaurant Chain

Sonic Drive-In has 3,600 locations across the country. Now, anyone who used a credit card at one of the restaurants is being told to check their statements and recent card activity after a massive hack has been discovered.

Credit card theft bazaar Joker’s Stash apparently put five million of these credit and debit account numbers up for sale on September 18th. It’s alarming that your credit card can be openly sold on the internet!

Sonic credit card hack

This is incredibly widespread and will cause nightmares for banks and customers. It also happened to Chipotle earlier this year. It’s imperative for everyone to always diligently check their credit card statements. More information on this alarming credit card hack is in the video below.

Sonic’s stock has plunged as a result of this news. This hack not only harms the customers and the banks, but it is already causing a big headache for the fast-food chain.

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Source: Fortune