lightning strike

Mother Nature has a way of telling us that she is the boss. Nothing can get your attention faster than a sudden bolt of lightning. Its power can be both stunningly beautiful and destructive. There is no warning to prepare or move. When lightning hits, there is no time to react and get out of the way.

In the viral video below, lightning strikes a tree next to a house. It’s a shock to see as it really didn’t appear to be storming at the time. The trees in the background aren’t even swaying from the wind. This highlights how suddenly nature can turn brutal. The porch took quite a beating as the tree lit up and then crumbled onto the house.

The narration on the video is rather colorful, but they were clearly stunned to witness this event! Their comments are deserved though as they were feet from a lightning strike!

This is why you don’t stand under a tree in a storm! That tree didn’t stand a chance. The lightning targeted it for destruction!

Lightning strikes don’t discriminate. There are no free passes when Mother Nature comes calling. There are plenty of episodes of cars being struck by lightning on the road. Imagine the horror of driving along when you see the car in front of you taking the brunt of a lightning bolt. Now imagine being in that car!

The video below shows a car being hit by lightning as it’s traveling down the road. The passengers are able to quickly jump out of the car after it stops. Then passersby crowd around to see if everyone is okay. It’s truly terrifying to imagine experiencing this!

While these are certainly cool videos, please share this story with all your friends and family so they know that lightning storms are no joking matter!

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