Kate Middleton lawsuit

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, has won a victory against paparazzi who took topless photos of her using a long lens while she was at a private French home in 2012.

Closer magazine was fined about $120,000 in damages for these intrusive photos that were taken when the Royal couple vacationed at the home of one of William’s family members.

The attorney representing the Royal family sought $1.6 million for the invasion of privacy, but the maximum damages allowed amounted to $120,000.

William and Catherine didn’t appear at the trial. Instead, William issued a statement that their attorney read on his behalf.

“My wife and I thought that we could go to France for a few days in a secluded villa owned by a member of my family, and thus enjoy our privacy,” William wrote. “We know France and the French and we know that they are, in principle, respectful of private life, including that of their guests. The clandestine way in which these photographs were taken was particularly shocking to us as it breached our privacy.”

The pictures appeared in a September 2012 issue of Closer that coincided with a goodwill trip to Asia that William and Catherine were on, causing an embarrassing situation for the newlyweds.

More information is in the video below.

They certainly have an expectation of privacy in a personal home. These photographers and magazines have to respect their privacy in these situations. It is all too reminiscent of how the paparazzi treated the late Princess Diana. Hopefully, hitting them in their wallets will make them realize this.

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