Denver guilty dog

Dogs wear their feelings on their faces and they can’t disguise how they feel. Their tails are there for reinforcement, too. There is no masking when a dog is happy, scared, or sad.

Although dogs can be taught to obey, they also are prone to get into mischief when left alone. When this happens, owners are often greeted by very guilty looking dogs. Sometimes it’s so funny to see their super sad reactions that it’s hard to correct the behavior!

A yellow lab named Denver is the prime example of this. Denver’s owner returned home to find a bag of cat treats had been vandalized and eaten. He asked both of his dogs who ate the treats and it was very obvious who did it. Denver cannot tell a lie!

The adorable video is below. It will definitely tug at the heartstrings of any dog owner!

Poor Denver doesn’t want to disappoint her owner, but she finds herself unable to avoid eating the kitty cat treats! I definitely can relate to that problem.

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