Godfrey Cuotto

There are everyday heroes among us. A simple smile or a kind gesture can go a long way for people who need encouragement. What might not seem like a big deal to some can be comforting to someone else. A young Canadian man found this out when his act of kindness went viral.

Godfrey Cuotto was on his way home from his job at a restaurant when he had an encounter that is tugging at heartstrings across the globe. A disabled man named Robert sat next to the 21-year-old student on the bus and asked to shake his hand.

Robert has cerebral palsy and is deaf. He clearly needed comforting as he held Cuotto’s hand and leaned on him during the 30-minute bus ride. Cuotto originally thought this was a prank but soon realized that Robert needed some compassion.

The student, who is being hailed as an inspiration, said “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.” A viral video of this touching event is below.

What a sweet gesture. Hopefully, this encourages others to treat each other with kindness. In this abrasive and divisive world, we need more examples of selflessness.

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