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A viral math problem has been causing a lot of chatter online as there are actually two different answers.

48÷2(9+3) = ?

The answer depends on the order of operations you were taught in school. Both answers are derived using the same step.

= 48÷2(12)

It branches off from there depending on how you were taught math. If you type it into a calculator on Wolfgram, you would get an answer of 288 by following these steps:

= 48÷2×12

= 24×12
= 288

This is the correct answer based upon current usage. But, if you were taught the old way, your answer would likely be completely different because you would use the steps below.

= 48÷(2(12))

= 48÷24
= 2

There is a big difference between 2 and 288. Although 2 is a logical answer for those of us who were taught the old way, 288 is the correct answer by today’s standards.

This is all carefully explained in the video below.

This math question is causing a lot of arguments online, but it’s easy to see why when you realize there are two ways to solve it.

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