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A mother of an autistic boy believes God brought her son and Tim Tebow together at a minor league baseball game where the former quarterback was playing.

At the St. Lucie Mets game against the Charlotte Stone Crabs on July 29, Tebow was in the on-deck circle, awaiting his turn at bat. Seth Bosch was determined to get Tebow’s attention and the young boy walked down towards Tebow.

Most players are focused on one thing, getting to the plate. Tim Tebow isn’t your average player. As a devout Christian, he puts God before all. But, Tebow stopped his preparations to shake Seth’s hand. The youngster emotionally returned to his seat. His mother, Ileanna Bosch, made an incredibly bold prediction, saying that Tebow would then hit a home run, and that’s exactly what happened!

It was a rather surreal scene and one that Ileanna, whose son had his 10th birthday in the days following the Tebow encounter, believes was a sign from the heavens. “When Seth came back to his seat, he was crying,” she said. “And then Tim hit the homer. I started crying, too. How does that happen? I think God brought Seth and Tim together.”

You can watch the remarkable scene unfold in the video below.

Wow! That is rather stunning how that home run was timed so perfectly for Seth. Whether this was divine intervention or not, one thing is for sure: Tim Tebow is a very kind and thoughtful man – and one heck of a ball player!

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Source: Fox News

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