Queen Elizabeth drinking

Queen Elizabeth lives a very good life. She is surrounded by her family and can have anything she wants. She has the best of everything, even traveling with a slice of her favorite cake, and, like many of us, she enjoys adult beverages.

The 91-year-old Queen reportedly enjoys four alcoholic drinks a day! She has her first drink shortly before lunch. She enjoys a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon with a lot of ice.

Then at her typical lunch of veggies and fish, Queen Elizabeth has a glass of wine paired with a piece of chocolate. Her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, reports the Queen also has a dry gin martini at lunch.

She has her fourth drink of the day with dinner. She enjoys having a glass of champagne with her final daily meal.

While four drinks might seem like a lot to some people, the Queen can obviously handle her alcohol. It’s also important to point out that her mother drank far more. The Queen Mother apparently had 8 drinks a day. It didn’t interfere with her longevity as the beloved British matriarch lived to 102 years of age!

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Source: Food And Wine

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