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Prince Charles is first in line to the throne, but allegedly Queen Elizabeth is in favor of Prince William taking the throne next. The Queen apparently is so keen on this idea that she threw a fancy state dinner with the King of Spain as a trial run for William’s coronation. It was much more elaborate than traditional state dinners.

“Her Majesty realizes that William and Kate are the future and she is happy for them to take on major roles now so that they are ready to take over when required,” an insider said.

68-year-old Charles would be the oldest King to take the throne. The Queen is right to realize that William and Kate are the future, rather than Charles. Charles isn’t adored by the public as William is. Princess Diana continues to be a favorite twenty years after her death. The public still remembers Charles’ treatment of her, particularly how he had an affair with his current wife Camilla Parker-Bowles during the entirety of his marriage to Diana.

Recently, Prince William and Prince Harry sat down for a documentary about their mother. The sons discuss their mother in a way they never have publicly before. They shared the grief they still encounter as well as the joys they felt from their mom. The documentary is exposing a completely different side of Diana’s sons as well as how she mothered them. It’s a good example as to why many want William to be the next King, rather than Charles.

A trailer for that documentary is below.

I can’t imagine many people would be heartbroken if Charles didn’t take the throne. Prince William has stolen hearts around the world. He certainly is his mother’s son.

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