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Molly Roloff got married over the weekend and the Roloff family gathered together to celebrate the big event. In the days after the event, some Little People, Big World fans are criticizing one of the Roloffs for supposedly trying to upstage Molly.

Audrey Roloff posted some pictures from the wedding, but the pictures were mostly of her and Jeremy rather than the bride and groom.

While the above picture is gorgeous, some fans thought it was odd that Audrey focused so much on herself during Molly’s big day. They accused Audrey of upstaging the bride, something you should never do.

Audrey posted nine more pictures, but only two of them were of the bride and groom. The others were focused on Audrey.

Many commenters posted that it was incredibly rude of Audrey to wear this color dress to a wedding.

There might be a simple reason for why Audrey didn’t post many pictures of Molly and Joel. Molly is on the private side. There aren’t a lot of her wedding pictures available online. Perhaps she requested the family only share a limited amount.

Whatever the reason, the Roloff family was very happy that Molly married Joel. The proud parents beamed as their beautiful daughter became a wife. Matt even recorded a message about the event. You can see that video below.

Congratulations to Molly and Joel! If you would like to see more photos of the Roloff family at Molly’s wedding, click here!

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