fred astaire oscars dancing

Awards show aren’t anything like they used to be. Today, they are filled with self-promotion and left-wing politics. But, decades ago, celebrities actually acted like adults and were gracious. It was an honor for them to be there.

This is apparent by watching the 1970 Oscars. Fred Astaire turned 71-years-old that year. He couldn’t dance like he could 50 years earlier, but he was there to entertain. He had actually retired from dancing the year before. In all his years of dancing, Astaire had never danced at the Oscars.

Fred Astaire and Bob Hope, presenters of the Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Documentary Short, talk with each other instead of reading some stupid joke from the teleprompter.

fred astaire oscars dancing

In the video below, Bob Hope coaxed Astaire out of dancing retirement much to the pleasure of those watching. Astaire has his first dance at the Oscars for a jazzy number. Now, this is entertainment!

You can tell that Astaire was enjoying dancing again, even at his age. And it was his first time dancing at the Oscars! Astaire’s performance makes me long for a day where awards shows were about entertainment, not vulgarity.

Classic award shows are nothing like the ones that air today. The Academy Awards Show in 1970 was filled with the legends that we miss today. It was the year John Wayne won an Oscar for his performance in “True Grit.”

Decades later, the 1970s Oscars remains the highest rated of all the televised Academy Awards ceremonies. It was packed with entertainment, the biggest stars, and no political lectures or agenda. This was when Hollywood was about entertaining rather than proselytizing liberal talking points and thumbing a nose at middle America.

It was such a grand event that even Fred Astaire came out of retirement to dance! Now that’s entertainment!

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