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The season finale of Deadliest Catch was another emotionally charged episode. The prior week, viewers witnessed Captain Sig Hansen’s heartache as his best friend, Jeff Hathaway, was lost at sea along with the crew of the Destination.

On the final episode of the season, another crew from the ship Predator was in distress but had a much better outcome. A hole caused it to take on water but thankfully, the Coast Guard was able to save the crew in time, rescuing them in baskets.

Meanwhile, on the ship Northwestern, Sig’s younger brother Edgar took over when Sig headed home after receiving word of Hathaway’s death. Edgar was then immediately tasked with earning the respect of the crew. They had come to depend on and trust Sig and suddenly Edgar was in his place.

Edgar was successful in leading the crew to catch a large number of crabs. He took the ship to shallower waters which allowed them to get strong crab hauls, earning each crew member $45,000 for the season.

Edgar teared up with pride after Sig told him, “I’m proud of you, man. You’re a true fisherman at heart.” More on that successful trip can be seen in the video below.

Viewers also got to witness Sig’s daughter Mandy’s wedding to deck hand Clark Pedersen.

You know something good is about to happen when my dad grabs the mic…?

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It was definitely an action-packed and emotional season on Deadliest Catch. Viewers will have to wait until next season to catch up with Captain Hansen.

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