Sig Hansen friend

The latest episode of Deadliest Catch was an emotional one. Captain Sig Hansen got some devastating news that rocked him to his core to the point that he had to leave the ship and head home.

He learned that his best friend, Jeff Hathaway, was lost at sea off the Alaskan Coast. The Coast Guard searched for the ship Destination and her crew. Only a tarp, crab pot gear, a life ring with the name of the boat on it, and some other debris was found. Jeff and his deck hands were swallowed up by the Bering Sea.

Sig asked the Deadliest Catch cameras to be turned off so he could gain his composure. He informed his own crew, then called his wife who asked him to come home. “I’m spooked. I’m heartbroken. My wife asked me to come home. I want to go,” Sig said.

“I’m freaked out. I just lost one of my best friends,” the Captain told his crew. “I’ve done as much as I can do….I want to get out of here as quick as possible.”

You can see a video of Sig learning the fate of his best friend below.

What devastating news. The Bering Sea doesn’t show mercy to anyone. These men have very dangerous jobs. Please pray for their friends and families.

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Source: Fox News