Belly button

While no two belly buttons are quite the same, they can be broken up into two categories – innies and outies. An innie belly button is the most prevalent whereas the outies stick out.

Belly buttons are, of course, where our umbilical cords were. They were cut at birth, creating the belly button.

outtie belly button

innie belly button

Some people believe the shape of your belly button is determined by how your umbilical cord is cut. That’s actually not the case. After the cord is cut, scar tissue develops. It is how that scar tissue heals that determines the shape of your belly button.

An outie typically has a small umbilical hernia. While this isn’t typically an issue, a plastic surgeon can fashion it into an innie. A video about that is below.

Ultimately, we all are different- right down to how our belly buttons look!

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Source: Providr

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