Audrey Roloff baby

Little People, Big World fans are excited for another addition to the Roloff family and we’ve been following the family closely.

Jeremy and Audrey will be welcoming a daughter any day! But, there has been a bump in the road as Audrey has reported that she is sick.

Labor is stressful enough when you’re healthy but Audrey said on her Instagram that she isn’t feeling well. “When you get sick the week of [your] due date. #soexhausted,” she wrote.

Hopefully, it is just a cold and she recovers before going into labor. But, as you can tell from her Facebook post on Monday, she looks ready to have her baby!

She also reported that the baby has dropped, which means her body is preparing to give birth.

Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter will be the second Roloff grandchild and the first girl. Tori and Zach Roloff had an adorable son named Jackson earlier this summer.

I had awful colds each time I was in labor. While it was annoying, it didn’t interfere with anything. Hopefully, Audrey is feeling better before the baby arrives.

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Source: Inquisitr

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