I’ve been utterly fascinated by the Samoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar program that has rolled out. So many different things going on, different players selling the match, and Joe’s Coquina Clutch has been a major element in the entire storyline.

Taking a trip down memory lane back to June 2015, and I remember Paul Heyman on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s WWE Network Podcast talking about how it takes a village to sell a finisher. That is, the announcers need to be on board, the superstar themselves, as well as their opponents on the roster. Back then, Heyman felt that not enough emphasis is placed on truly selling finishers in the current product. Interestingly enough, I see everything that Heyman talked about in that Podcast being relayed in this program, with the focus being on Joe and his Coquina Clutch.

Well, Joe laid it on Paul Heyman on the June 5th edition of RAW, and Heyman sold the hold well. Still, he’s just an advocate, and not superstar, and certainly not a talent in Brock Lesnar’s league. Fast forward to the June 12 edition of RAW, while the Coquina Clutch didn’t make an appearance, an even-toned brawl broke out in the ring between Joe and Lesnar, where the two had to be separated; offering insight that Joe is in fact a competitor that can stand toe-to-toe with Lesnar. But it was the June 26th edition of RAW that proved, Joe could not only handle Brock in the ring, but also lay that Coquina Clutch on him and subdue the Beast.

Yes, it was an ambush, but that is what good heels do, they attack from behind. Still, once he laid that finisher on Brock, despite Lesnar’s various attempts to break the hold, The Beast surrendered. This is huge. Not only was Joe able to lock the move on a fresh Lesnar, who yes was unsuspecting, but we are still talking about Brrrooocccckk Lesnar; Lesnar could not get out of that Coquina Clutch despite his strengthen, despite efforts on his part to shake Joe off while in the move, despite his power. Lesnar’s only saving grave was the fact that other superstars helped to break the hold.

This is what that June 26th RAW segment told me: this finisher is now so much more than a submission hold, it’s sort of a deal breaker. Joe has Lesnar’s kryptonite. The Coquina Clutch can reduce a man’s power, strength, and ability to retaliate or offer an offense … and that’s huge. This ultimately places Joe and that submission on a different level, and the Samoan has a huge trump card entering this match, and any other programs where he moves on in the future.

WNZ fans, your thoughts on Samoa Joe and his Coquina Clutch? Leave your comments below!

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