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After a long day at work, people sometimes need a good laugh or two. Jokes about lawyers are perhaps some of the funniest, because most of us hope to never have to deal with them.

In one joke, a lawyer dies and goes before St. Peter before he’s allowed to enter Heaven, but something hilarious happens!

A Lawyer Goes To Heaven…

An attorney passed on and found himself in heaven, but not at all happy with his accommodations.

He complained to St. Peter, who told him that his only recourse was to appeal his assignment.

The attorney immediately advised that he intended to appeal, but was then told that he would be waiting at least three years before his appeal could be heard.

The attorney protested that a three year wait was unconscionable, but his words fell on deaf ears. The lawyer was then approached by the devil, who told him that he would be able to arrange an appeal to be heard in a few days, if the attorney was willing to change venue to Hell.

When the attorney asked why appeals could be heard so much sooner in Hell, he was told, “We have all of the judges.”

Oh my gosh! This joke is pure genius! I could not stop laughing! I am sharing this with all of my friends and family.

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