genius test

According to Play Brain, geniuses can find the Ys in the pictures below in under three minutes. There are six pictures, so set your timers and see if you are a bit of an Einstein!

This first one is fairly easy, and is a good warm up!

Did you get the first one? If so, try your hands at an even tougher one!

These images are definitely getting harder! Take a stab at this one if you can!

If you got through the first three, let’s see you master this fourth one!

Okay, now this one is going to be really tough! Don’t give up though!

Now, let’s see how you do at the most difficult one! It’s a doozy!

Did you find all of the Ys? It isn’t as easy as it seems. It took me a couple times on some of them, but I got them all.

Share this if you found all the Ys and if you enjoy challenging problems like this!

Source: Play Brain

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