2017 Dead Celebrites

2016 was a rough year for celebrities. It seemed someone died every couple of days. It ended on a tough note when Carrie Fisher suddenly died the last week of the year.

2017 isn’t on the same pace as last year, but there still have been some notable passings that made us pause to remember their legacy.

Fox News founder Roger Ailes passed away on May 18th. The 77 year old had been removed as Chairman of Fox News last year in the wake of sexual harassment charges. He reshaped how many of us got our news when he formed the network.

Mary Tyler Moore stole our hearts decades ago when she was on the Dick Van Dyke Show. She completely sealed the deal on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her effervescent personality and ability to make us laugh at simple things made us feel as if we knew her.

Adam West died June 10th. He came into our homes in the 1960’s as Batman. In recent years, he was Mayor Adam West of¬†Quahog, Rhode Island on Family Guy. He died from leukemia.

Roger Moore became a household name when he became the third actor to play the role of James Bond. He received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth in 2003.  This 007 passed away from cancer on May 23rd. Sir Roger Moore was 89 years old.

Beloved character actor Powers Boothe passed away in his sleep on May 14. The 68 year old was known for many roles, including cult leader Jim Jones. He won an Emmy for that role. Not only was Boothe a tremendous actor, he was very well regarded by his colleagues and fans.

Don Rickles won us over with his insults. Mr. Warmth knew how to make us laugh and and how to make people laugh at themselves, too. His insult comedy career spanned six decades. It didn’t matter who you were, Don Rickles was going to insult you and you were going to love it!

Rickles passed away on April 6th at the age of 90.

Gregg Allman entertained us for nearly 50 years. The Midnight Rider singer passed away on May 27th. The Allman Brothers singer was 69 years old.

We have lost some great entertainers already this year, leaving family and friends to grieve.

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Source: Variety

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