homeless pizza

You can tell a lot about someone’s character by how they help someone who can’t help themselves. One pizza place in Philadelphia is doing something terrific for the city’s homeless in a simple, but brilliant manner.

Rosa’s allows people to prepay for a slice for the homeless. The donor then writes on a post it and sticks it on the wall. A homeless person can redeem the post it for a piece of pizza.

This really is a beautiful gesture. The homeless people know they can get some food without begging. And people who want to help the homeless have an encouraging way to do so. They can leave a positive note while feeding a person in need. The homeless folks can see that people care and that can be uplifting.

The video below will hit you in the feelings. Pizza is love!

Seeing a homeless person can be a bit of a struggle for me. I want to help them but I want to make sure the money I give them is being used for good. This pay it forward system does exactly that. You know the money is going to feed them in a dignified way.

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