Lizard Lick Towing

People can be pretty upset when they return to their car to find it has been towed away. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen, but it always proves to be a costly mistake for the car owner to get his car back.

Lizard Lick Towing was a reality show on TruTV. It showed a behind the scenes look at this towing company. As you can imagine, some people came in pretty furious. The guy in the video below is one of those people.

He claims to not realize his car was being repossessed because he failed to pay his bill. He thinks he’s an important person and shouldn’t have to pay his bills. But, then this deadbeat gets even more angry about his inventory that is inside the car. He even started hitting Amy. Amy literally tossed his can out the door! She is one tough woman who stands her ground when challenged by a goon.

When this jerk couldn’t break her, he came back with his crew to try to fight a single woman! They even did this with the cameras rolling!

Amy fought them all off with little backup. They likely assumed she was an easy target because she is a petite woman, but they quickly learned not to judge a book by its cover! They got served up some Lizard Lick justice!

Watch these goons list a fight to a woman in the video below.

What losers! Amy sure got the best of them. Where in the world did she learn how to fight like this? Hopefully, those freaks ended up in jail for assault. They certainly deserved it!

Repossessing vehicles is a dangerous business. Amy doesn’t back down from these creeps who try to harm and threaten her. She clearly is cut out for this line of work!

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