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Towing cars is a rough job. It’s definitely not a career for a sensitive person. These folks take a lot of abuse from people who park illegally or don’t pay their car loan and have their car repossessed.

Bernice from South Beach Tow is one woman who can handle the job. She’s definitely not a snowflake. Bernice has a job to do and she’s not about to let a prima donna stand in her way. Since she works in South Beach, Bernice does encounter quite a lot of entitled people who feel the laws don’t apply to them.

People who park in handicap spots when they aren’t handicapped are a different breed of people. It is an incredibly selfish thing to do. They don’t care that they are taking up a spot that is designated for someone who isn’t able to walk far for medical reasons. They only care about their own needs.

Bernice encountered one of these special people in an episode of South Beach Tow. After claiming that she was handicapped because she had a bruise on her leg, which she thought was her tailbone, this prima donna blocked Bernice’s truck. Then she called her boyfriend to come help her.

The boyfriend wasn’t much help to her as he said she should pay the fine. When the lady went bonkers and started yelling racial slurs at Bernice, she then made a huge mistake by hitting her and immediately regretted it. After being attacked, Bernice was well within her rights to fight back. As you can see in the video below, that’s exactly what Bernice did!

That woman deserved to be thrown in the dumpster. She is definitely trash. Bernice just gave her a serious reality check. Hopefully, she learned a lesson and doesn’t treat anyone else like this!

Bernice doesn’t tolerate crap from anyone! Click here to see her deal with someone who won’t stop smoking in the office!

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