gorilla dancing to maniac

Zola is a gorilla who resides at the Dallas Zoo. He is known for his dance moves, but his free-spirited dance while in the kiddie pool caught everyone off guard.

Enrichment is an important part of zoo life. Zookeepers look for ways to stimulate the animals. That’s why Zola was given access to a pool. Boy did he enjoy it. He danced around like a little kid, splashing and twirling away.

It’s easy to see why the video below went viral with over 2 million views. It’s easy to relate to Zola’s excitement. It reminds me of how happy I would be to go to the pool as a kid! He was pretty excited to just splash around!

The video was so fun to watch that someone decided to put it to music. Since Zola looked like he was flash dancing, “Maniac” from Flashdance was added to the video. As you can see in the tweeted video below, the song makes it that much more perfect!


Zola is dancing like he’s never danced before! He was “splash dancing” and having the best of times! He didn’t care who was watching him.

This Western Lowland Gorilla is actually known for his dance moves. While at the Calgary Zoo in 2011, he had another viral video. It has over 4 million views! In this earlier video, Lola was caught breakdancing in his cage. This is actually not a trained behavior. Lola apparently likes to express himself by dancing, even without music playing!

You can watch him cut his moves in the video below.

The music was added to the video later. It would be fun to see him actually respond to music in real time. Would he dance? Would he be excited to hear the rhythm?

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