5 of the Worst Injuries in WWE History

What are the worst wrestling injuries? When you are a professional wrestler, chances are high that you will suffer an injury at one point or another.

When you are a professional wrestler, chances are high that you will suffer an injury at one point or another. Of course, certain Superstars have suffered some bad injuries over the years, which were in some cases fatal! Here is the list of the worst injuries in WWE history.

1. Owen Hart

Unfortunately, Owen Hart lost his life at Over the Edge in 1999. The aim was to get Owen to make a dramatic entrance as The Blue Blazer, which meant he had to rappel down to the ring. However, the equipment failed and Owen fell 50 feet down onto the turnbuckle. He died from his injuries at the young age of 34.

2. Droz

Wrestler Droz is the number 2 on the list since his injuries left him paralyzed. Due to a slip-up in the ring, Droz fell onto his head and broke two discs in his neck. Droz has now regained some movement in the upper body but still struggles with the consequences of his injury.

Like the Owen Hart incident, there is apparently no video footage. Or if there is, it’s under lock and key.

3. Steve Austin

When you look at Steve Austin today, you probably don’t realise that he actually had one of the worst injuries in WWE history.

During a match at 1997 Summerslam, Owen Hart had a match with Steve Austin for the Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong as a reverse pile-driver caused Austin to land head first on the ground.

Since he could not feel his extremities after the fall, many believed that Austin would have the same long-term injuries as Droz. Fortunately, he recovered but suffered the same injury again only five years later.

Steve Austin was forced to retire due to the pain he experienced from his neck injuries and knee injuries. This is again proof that many wrestlers put their body and health on the line for their profession.

4. Shawn Michaels

Another WWE Superstar who had to deal with severe injuries is Shawn Michaels. An injury to his back, which happened during a coffin match against the Undertaker in 1998, would cause Michaels to stop wrestling until 2002.

To repair the damage done to his spine, surgeons needed to fuse metal plates to his spine during a four-hour long procedure. Naturally, the ruptured disks Shawn Michaels suffered will be something that affect him for the rest of his life.

5. Mick Foley

The list would not be complete without mentioning Mick Foley. After King of the Ring in 1998, Foley suffered a slew of injuries that would have an impact for the rest of his life; this included a concussion, dislocated shoulder, puncture wounds, a hole in his lip and a dislocated jaw.

Compared to some of the other people on the list, Foley was quite lucky not to break his neck or worse. He took extreme risks for his profession in the ring, but that is also one of the reasons why he is so famous today.

Do you believe safety in the ring has improved since the Attitude Era? Which injury do you remember most? Who should have been added to the list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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