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Christopher Wyrick is a parent who has had enough with liberal indoctrination in San Diego Schools. This patriot went to the school board meeting to speak out against the district’s curriculum that was teaching Islam to students. And what he said should get the attention of a lot of parents!

Wyrick mentioned that schools aren’t supposed to teach religion. Christianity and Judaism aren’t taught in his children’s classes, so why is Islam? Why does separation of church and state only apply to Judeo-Christian values?

He was only permitted one minute to speak, but he kept on rolling until they booted him out. Watch the video below. You’ll be cheering at the end!

BOOM! He sure got their attention. While some will likely call him Islamphobic, they can’t ignore his message. The district can’t pick and choose favorites with religion. But that is exactly what they are doing!

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Source: Gateway Pundit

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