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It’s not a surprise that many Americans aren’t stellar when it comes to world geography. But, a recent survey has an interesting correlation regarding those who can identify North Korea on a map and their opinion of how to handle the increased tension between the communist nation and ours.

The New York Times asked 1,746 Americans to identify North Korea on a map. Thirty-six percent¬†of the respondents got it correct. One clue to finding Kim Jong Un’s home is to look for Japan. North Korea is in close proximity.

Areas respondents identified as North Korea can be seen in the photo below.

Those who could identify North Korea on the map had a different view on how to handle the nuclear escalation taking place. They felt that action needs to be taken against the hostile nation.

Their preferred strategies included¬†“imposing further economic sanctions, increasing pressure on China to influence North Korea and conducting cyberattacks against military targets in North Korea.” They also viewed direct military engagement, including sending in ground troops much less favorable.

While women of both major political parties correctly identified North Korea on the map, Republican men far exceeded Democratic men in this task.

So, the next time a Democrat claims Republicans aren’t educated, show them this graph!

North Korea continues being an issue for other countries in that region as well as the United States. Over the weekend, Kim Jong Un launched the country’s most successful rocket yet.

The United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations has described the North Korean madman as “paranoid” following the launch of this missile. More information about that is in the video below.

This survey implies that about 2/3 of Americans approve of taking out Kim Jong Un entirely. That doesn’t sound like a favorable outcome for the chubby madman.

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Source: Zero Hedge

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