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The East continues to prepare for military conflict with North Korea. Things have gotten so tense that China has issued a warning to its citizens in North Korea to return home.

The Chinese Embassy in North Korea began advising Korean-Chinese residents to return on April 20th amid concerns over Kim Jong Un’s provocations with the United States military.

This warning signals that China is concerned for its citizens in Korea who would be directly impacted by a conflict with the United States. 

North Korea just detained yet another American citizen. As the video below details, the hostile nation detained him for “attempted subversion.” Just being an American in North Korea is a crime these days. It doesn’t matter if they are there for humanitarian issues. Kim Jong Un doesn’t care for well-meaning Americans being in his country.


Hopefully, Chinese citizens in North Korea heed the warning. China must be quite concerned to sound this alarm for its people to leave North Korea. It’s time to take this threat seriously.

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Source: Zero Hedge

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