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Jimmy Fallon has been taking a lot of heat from liberals and the mainstream media. They are upset the Tonight Show host didn’t trash Donald Trump when he was on the show back in September. But, Fallon said something that will have Trump supporters cheering!

Fallon wants to keep his show from being overly political. He had fun during the Trump interview, and even tousled the future president’s hair. The left is upset that Fallon didn’t attack Trump, but the comedian had a simple reason for this. “People that voted for Trump watch my show as well,” he said.

Yes, we do! Fallon isn’t about to change his show to make it a liberal propaganda machine. He doesn’t want to become bitter like Steven Colbert. He’s looking to entertain everyone without having a political agenda.

“I don’t want to be bullied into not being me, and not doing what I think is funny,” he said. “Just because some people bash me on Twitter, it’s not going to change my humor or my show.”

It’s great to hear a host say this! Some of us just want to laugh without being lectured. Fallon’s interview with Trump was funny. That’s why liberals are so upset about it all these months later. You can see the best part of that interview in the video below.

Some liberals are mad that Fallon wants to remain neutral when it comes to politics. They sounded off like petulant children on Twitter.

Liberals want to sanitize humor to make it more political and less funny. And that’s not funny – at all.

Keep making us laugh, Jimmy!

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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