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Liberal talking points change so much that even leftists can’t keep them straight. So, when Stephen Colbert announced to his left-leaning audience that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, they applauded before he told them what to think!

I can understand the audience’s confusion. The left was just calling for James Comey’s head because Hillary Clinton blames him (and misogyny) for her loss. He was fired, so why wouldn’t they celebrate? As Stephen Colbert then pointed out, only Trump fans cheer at anything the president does!

The video below is rather funny. I’m laughing with Colbert. I’m also laughing AT him!

What a hypocrite! Do you want the man fired or not? I think the concern isn’t that James Comey was fired, but that he was actually fired by President Donald J. Trump. The left is screaming about Russia, but even Senator Feinstein said nothing was found.  It’s orchestrated outrage.

Comey’s recent testimony blunders and inconsistencies show that he needed to be fired. Bureau morale is low because of leadership concerns. It is time for a new FBI director.

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Source: Free Beacon

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