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China is preparing for the possibility of a military encounter between its neighbor North Korea and the United States. This is China’s latest move as they prepare for North Korea refugees to pour across the border. 

China is now teaching Korean to its soldiers at the border. Sources close to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have reported that soldiers are learning Korean phrases such as “Stop” and “Don’t move or I’ll shoot” as they expect refugees will flee to China if Pyongyang engages in military action with the United States.

This comes on the heels of China telling its citizens in North Korea to come home.  Chinese state-run media previously ran an op-ed threatening to bomb North Korea. Tensions are at a boiling point in this region as everyone is bracing for war.

North Korea’s state-run media is firing back, saying that China’s op-eds calling for tougher sanctions against Pyongyang’s nuclear program are elevating tensions and making things worse. The video below has more information.

China is certainly taking the threat of war seriously and preparing for the consequences. Kim Jong Un has to be getting this message loud and clear. Even a man with such grandiose levels of confidence has to understand he will not survive provocations from the United States and China. Time will tell if he actually heeds these messages.

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Source: Korea Times

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