As the old saying goes (for all those rebels out there), rules were made to be broken. I guess the same could be said for pro wrestling records as well. If you haven’t already heard, it has been reported that Asuka, NXT Women’s Champion recently surpassed Goldberg’s undefeated streak of 173 matches won.

Now, it’s always been rumored that Goldberg didn’t actually hit 173 matches during his WCW run, and the number was probably closer to 150 – but that is neither here, nor there. Besides, aren’t a lot of things in the land of sports entertainment amplified as it is?

Regardless, and despite the fact that wrestling is a ‘predetermined’ sport, this is a huge accomplishment for Asuka, on so many levels.

First and foremost, 173 wins in a row (beaten record or not)? That in itself is incredible feat and speaks volumes of just how high she is viewed upon by HHH and other WWE officials. Surpassing Goldberg’s record, considering how huge his last WWE run was? Well that is pretty big. However, as a female talent, surpassing Goldberg’s record also is a huge statement for women’s wrestling and the powerful impact it now has on this industry. A female talent has accomplished and gone beyond something that helped make a male talent a household name in this business; it’s a sign of the times folks! Things are not simply changing when it comes to how women are viewed in sports entertainment … things have changed.

Sure, Asuka is still in the developmental division of the company, and this wasn’t accomplished on the main roster, but this milestone is nothing to snuff at and is sure to be a positive asterisk that follows her during her career moving forward; especially when she makes that main roster jump.

The only downfall? Asuka is so good, and this accomplishment is so big, that hopes of a main roster jump look slim to none at this point. Which isn’t a bad thing, per se. What’s the real rush anyway? She’s riding a high wave right now. She’s champ, she hit a huge milestone, she’s a big fish in a little pond, and she should enjoy basking in the success of it all. And with so much solid female competition on both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE right now, and the need for Asuka to stay at NXT and carry their women’s division (on her back), would a main roster move do anyone, including Asuka, any good at this point?

Regardless, Asuka will eventually make it to main roster fame, and with an undefeated streak like her current on her resume, she’s sure to make a huge splash on either RAW or SD LIVE … when the time comes.

WNZ fans! What do you think about Asuka surpassing Goldberg’s WCW undefeated streak?

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