North Korea propaganda

North Korean madman Kim Jong Un continues to threaten the United States. His latest video is a bit of a parody of himself as his propaganda looks as if it’s something out of a South Park episode.

In the most recent video, sights are set on the American military, including an aircraft carrier. The White House also appears to be targeted. Dramatic video is played in the background. It’s such an odd choice of music with a video that is supposed to be threatening that it really makes it seem comical.

The video ends with a poorly crafted special effect of the US Capitol being blown to bits. Watch the video below and let us know if this scares you or makes you laugh!

I’ve seen middle schoolers edit videos better than Kim Jong Un’s cronies. We should take a madman with nuclear weapons seriously, but it’s hard not to laugh when he puts out propaganda of this caliber.

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Source: Breaking 911

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