Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is back at it. Maines wants to blame everything bad in her life on Donald Trump. She took to Twitter and made a fool of herself. She blames her bad attitude and behavior on President Trump. This woman is unhinged.

Then she attempts to paint President Trump as a racist.

Her attempts to smear Trump fell flat. And then Trump supporters got in on the action, putting Maines on blast for her incoherent, sloppily written rant:

That should shut her up!

The Dixie Chicks became the pariah of country music when Maines trashed sitting President Bush during an overseas concert. Last year, the group continued showcasing their disgust of Republicans with a portrait of a horned Donald Trump at their concerts.

That video is below:

Natalie Maines appears to be one of those women who isn’t responsible for her own actions. She is looking for a scapegoat and she thinks she has found one in President Trump.

Natalie’s career was severely damaged almost a decade-and-a-half ago by her own mouth. That’s nobody’s fault but her own.

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