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Alan Jackson Beyonce
February 8, 2024
Country legend Alan Jackson reportedly got up and walked out of the CMAs when Beyonce was presented as a country music star.
Obama Dolly Parton Medal Of Freedom
December 1, 2020
Barack Obama admits that he regrets not giving Dolly Parton the medal of freedom, calling it a “screwup” that he didn’t do it.
Howard Stern Taylor Swift Biden Trump politics celebrities endorse
November 3, 2020
Howard Stern praised singer Taylor Swift for expressing her liberal politics to the world, saying “that’s standing up for your country.”
Dixie Chicks The Chicks
Grammy-award winning country group The Dixie Chicks has dopped the word Dixie from its name seemingly because the word Dixie is now politically incorrect.
April 5, 2017
Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks attacked President Donald Trump on Twitter, only to be attacked in return by Trump supporters.