It is so annoying when someone parks his car in more than one spot. These egomaniacs think they are the only drivers who need to park. One selfish Oregon man might be reformed after learning a tough lesson about taking up two spots in a parking lot.

When two Jeep owners saw a Mercedes parked like it owned the place, they took action. This fool wasn’t even trying to park in the lines.

They parked so close on both sides of the Benz that the owner wouldn’t be able to get in the car. Then the Jeep owners waited for the rude driver to return.

If you have ever been a victim of a selfish driver in a parking lot, you will LOVE the video below. It shows not only the car being blocked in but also the driver’s reaction when he returned!

JUSTICE! Hopefully he never does that again! He’s lucky he could get in through the back. Otherwise he would have been waiting a while to get out of there!

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