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Glen Campbell’s family is reeling with the legendary singer being in the final stage of Alzheimer’s. But, the family is focusing on the good times as his son finds a way to keep the memory of his father alive.

Cal Campbell is a musician himself. As Glen struggles with this awful disease, Cal misses his dad’s spirit very much. But, he realized that it lives on. It lives on through the musical gifts that Cal inherited from Glen.

“My father’s gift is inside of me and presents itself every time I sing a note with the same inflections as he would have, or in the same range or style. Even the enjoyment of music itself is a gift that was clearly handed down, and one that is more valuable than anything for sale in any store,” Cal wrote about the family’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

Cal performed with his father as early as age 5. They made an adorable duo with Cal on the drums. You can see them sing, “Milk Cow Blues” in the video below.

The Campbell family is working to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. They have been very honest about Glen’s diagnosis and how the entire family is coping with it. In the video below, they share their journey with their fans in hopes that others can learn.

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