John "Sean" O'Malley

Music can help people with dementia escape their disease for a moment. The rhythm and familiar words seem to be able to trigger something in them that provides relief. A video of an Australia man with dementia is going viral and is giving people hope about the disease.

John “Sean” O’Malley describes himself as “distressed, angry and agitated.” But, the Music and Memory program at Blacktown Hospital in Sydney seems to have transformed him.

O’Malley turns into a happy dancing machine when he hears Elvis Presley songs. It gives not only a distraction from his condition but he even seems joyous!

The hospital posted the terrific video on its Facebook page. You can view it below. It’ll put a smile on your face!

This reminds me of The Song A Minute Man who breaks out in song when he hears a familiar tune. Music sometimes is better than medicine!

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H/T: Fox 5 Atlanta

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