OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson was an outstanding football player, but he’s better known for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

“Juice” escaped jail on those charges, but he’s been behind bars since 2008 for charges including armed robbery and kidnapping. But, this football legend may be getting popped out of the joint very soon, without serving even 1/3 of his his 33 year sentence.

Simpson’s parole hearing is in July. He has to convince 4 out of 7 judges that he has avoided drugs, alcohol, and gang activity. If he does he could be released for good behavior 24 years early. He could be released from prison as early as October if everything goes his way.

The video below explains:

In 1997, Simpson was found civilly liable for the deaths of Nicole and Goldman. Their families were awarded $33.5 million. Those families are likely to never receive a penny from Simpson for his role in the murders.

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