Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes when you are watching game shows, it’s hard not to shout at the TV. In one Wheel of Fortune episode, there was just one letter remaining. It was clear to everyone what the answer was – clear to everyone except the contestant!

I really don’t know how he could miss this. Even if you have never seen or heard of the play or movie “A Streetcar Named Desire,” it would have been easy to guess this. But, this contestant completely blanked out and let his dirty mind show!

Watch the clip in the tweet below for a good laugh!

Pat Sajak said to Lisa who immediately got the answer correct, “Although you got the right answer. I’d rather see Kevin’s play. But that’s just me.”

Sajak then went on to chide Kevin by telling him that he’s sure his friends won’t make fun of him at all over this big flop! Kevin’s friends are certain to bust his chops over this one!

And make sure you watch the most iconic clip from the “A Streetcar Named Desire” movie adaptation below:

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